There's something weird about that year. Weird in a good way. 11 is so Edwardian. It's also my favorite number. Hopefully that will make for a lucky year.

Hope everyone had a good New Year's. I got back home just as the blizzard was starting and stayed locked inside for the worst of it, rationing food to keep from having to go shopping. I went to a New Year's slumber party and could even just see the fireworks from the window! [personal profile] ali_wildgoose made these Mohito martini cocktail things that went very well with pink champagne. It must have left me really hungry because I went out to dinner last year and was ravenous--and also had some nice spiked apple cider. Mmmm. Warm.

Anyway, I did Yuletide this year so for the first time I actually knew what was going on with that. I got four lovely stories (linked here) and was so grateful and psyched for that that I wrote a treat for someone on Christmas Day. Apparently people reveal themselves on lj to say what they wrote, so these were mine.

The treat I wrote was for a YA book that might not be that well-known but it was a favorite of mine and one person requested it. It's called Down a Dark Hall and is by Lois Duncan. I recommend the book more than my story, but my fic is Priorities.

My main story is a re-telling of one of my fave fairy tales that's not as well-known as some others (but is sort of a variation on a more well-known story), "Fitcher's Bird." In my head it's read in a 1920s New York accent. Much jazz age slang, Yiddish and flappers.

Esther and the Egg 3200 words. The Egg snatched nearly every chorus girl at The Club Araby. Then he snatched Esther.

Community and Back to the Future fans should also check out Clio's Ancient Artifacts and Modern Rituals (the gang goes to NYC for a Vacation Episode!), which I got to read before it was posted, and Alternates (I can't be the only person who found the happy ending on Back to the Future a little scary, right? How was Marty going to cope with a family full of strangers?).

Okay. Have a ton of stuff to do today, all without getting out of pajamas. Let 2011 begin!


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