There's something weird about that year. Weird in a good way. 11 is so Edwardian. It's also my favorite number. Hopefully that will make for a lucky year.

Hope everyone had a good New Year's. I got back home just as the blizzard was starting and stayed locked inside for the worst of it, rationing food to keep from having to go shopping. I went to a New Year's slumber party and could even just see the fireworks from the window! [ profile] ali_wildgoose made these Mohito martini cocktail things that went very well with pink champagne. It must have left me really hungry because I went out to dinner last year and was ravenous--and also had some nice spiked apple cider. Mmmm. Warm.

Anyway, I did Yuletide this year so for the first time I actually knew what was going on with that. I got four lovely stories (linked here) and was so grateful and psyched for that that I wrote a treat for someone on Christmas Day. Apparently people reveal themselves on lj to say what they wrote, so these were mine.

The treat I wrote was for a YA book that might not be that well-known but it was a favorite of mine and one person requested it. It's called Down a Dark Hall and is by Lois Duncan. I recommend the book more than my story, but my fic is Priorities.

My main story is a re-telling of one of my fave fairy tales that's not as well-known as some others (but is sort of a variation on a more well-known story), "Fitcher's Bird." In my head it's read in a 1920s New York accent. Much jazz age slang, Yiddish and flappers.

Esther and the Egg 3200 words. The Egg snatched nearly every chorus girl at The Club Araby. Then he snatched Esther.

Community and Back to the Future fans should also check out Clio's Ancient Artifacts and Modern Rituals (the gang goes to NYC for a Vacation Episode!), which I got to read before it was posted, and Alternates (I can't be the only person who found the happy ending on Back to the Future a little scary, right? How was Marty going to cope with a family full of strangers?).

Okay. Have a ton of stuff to do today, all without getting out of pajamas. Let 2011 begin!

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Happy New Year! You've inspired me to do Yuletide next year, btw! I love the stories!! and I wish I had some hot spiked apple cider right about now. Or at least some coffee with Bailey's in it. I can't get warm and there's not even slush on the ground!
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From: [identity profile]

I'm happy to have been inspiring--it was a whole new thing for me. The apple cider was really good. I can't encourage any Bailey's drinking, unfortunately. Bailey's and I had an unfortunate night back in college and have never spoken since, if you know what I mean.

From: [identity profile]

I think I do. Oh, that would not be good. I could never, ever drink it straight.

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Happy belated New Year!
I can't tell you how delighted I was with your version of Fitcher's bird (it's my favourite fairy tale ever since I hit adulthood) which I much prefer to its better known version. It's such a perfect image (picture?) of patriarchal society and creepy as hell at the same time. What is to be said about a husband who cannot distinguish his wife from a ornate corpse? Just like Hoffmann who doesn't realize he's dancing with an animated automaton...

Oh, and I never even knew there WAS fanfiction about Back to the Future! Nowadays, of course, anything gets its own fandom, but Marty McFly practically originates in the Stone Age (meaning when I was young, LOL). So thanks an extra lot for that.
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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it--so great to find another Fitcher's Bird fan.

And I'm glad you liked the BttF fic--that's the whole thing with Yuletide I guess, you get stories for stuff that don't really have fandoms. (At least I think--for all I know there's a big fandom for BttF!) But I really like that story so I'm happy to spread it around.:-)

From: [identity profile]

OMG I love Fitcher's Bride (far superior to the Perrault) and a jazz age setting is awesome beyond belief. (Although I do have a soft spot for Greg Frost's sort-of Seventh-Day Adventist bluebeard type, lol.)
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I think I've heard of that version and definitely want to read that one.

From: [identity profile]

I'm not familiar with either of the original stories, but I loved your Yuletide tales. The ghost artists sent a chill down my neck.

Happy 2011!
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From: [identity profile]

Thanks, Sam! If you liked the ghost artists you should check out the book. I'm pretty sure it's still in print. I just lent it to a friend. It's a great story. I think it was published around 1974.

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Happy (rather belated!) New Year to you too!

I'm glad Yuletide was a good experience for you. I've been meaning to join in for a while; maybe I actually will this year, if my RL situation permits.

One question though: how did you feel about having to sign up to AO3 to participate? I'm kind of balking at signing up for an account on another site - although I will admit to being severely tempted by tumblr (and some other things) - because I've already got two LJs, a DW, and even an IJ. The last two were basically to keep up with scans_daily though, and although I do use my DW for more than that now (although by a very small margin), I haven't touched my IJ since the move to DW. I guess what I'm asking is, in your opinion is it worth getting an AO3 account just for Yuletide if one is not sure how much that account will be used otherwise?

I checked out Priorities and found it a well-written and rather intriguing story. I just may have to look out for the book now! :P
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From: [identity profile]

I definitely recommend the original book--it's a lot of fun! Very 70s.:-)

Good question about AO3. It's weird because it does seem like a commitment, especially since I doubt I'll use it outside of that fest. I might use it to comment on other peoples' fics, though. Setting up the account was so easy, though, it didn't seem like an issue. There's a waiting list during the year, but to get one for Yuletide I just had to contact the mod.


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