Date: 2012-07-06 07:24 am (UTC)
hungryhippo11: by nuv0le_rapide (AP Suited Up)
This is an excellent analysis. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on Walt Jnr, and how he acts as a counterpoint to Walt and Hank in relation to their perspectives of masculinity and 'strength'. I've always liked his character. While Jnr clearly takes a back seat to Walt and his criminal bumblings, there are times (like in that part of season 4 you mentioned) where he lends a sobering reality to ego-related proceedings, and in his own way, shows that--age and maturity notwithstanding--he is much stronger (in a psychological sense) than Walt or Hank.

If only guys who watch the show would notice some of this sub textual stuff. While they, for the most part, cheer on either Hank or Walt's (or Jesse's) badassery, a lot don't seem to realize how the show keeps trying to poke holes in those masculine stereotypes.

Making mention of Jesse, who, as you've said, also seems to understand what it is to be bullied and beaten up, I'd love for him to meet Jnr, just to compare notes on Walt :D
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