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That's definitely a deal-breaker, I agree. I read a reference to MW saying it wasn't supposed to be rape, which disturbed me, but then someone listened to the commentary and it was basically that MW said it was rape, VK said if not rape it was coercion and the writer of the ep (a woman) said she consented--but that she didn't want it.

Which all adds up to rape, just dancing around semantics given the girl was being threatened with Pete telling her employers what she did if she doesn't comply. Of course she didn't think she had a choice.

I feel like there's some definite differences b/w Draco and Pete in the way they'd have been brought up, but some of the situations he finds himself in definitely seem the same. The way there's this vicious cycle in the way he behaves and not getting the reactions he thinks he deserves when he's done what he's supposed to do. Sucks to be Pete!
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