Date: 2012-07-09 02:12 am (UTC)
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re: Pete's total self-awareness, this isn't the first time we've seen it. Pete's always shown flashes of total, thorough self-knowledge, which completely intensify all the time we see him spend building up lies about himself. For example, in I think the first ep of season 2?, we see him visiting a gynecologist with Trudy, and later when he goes back for his personal evaluation, he drops all kinds of truths on the gynecologist, who doesn't care: I have nothing, everyone hates me, I'm completely replaceable. And then he just goes right back to lying everywhere else. I feel like anyone who doesn't realize how deep Pete's depression is hasn't been paying attention, or, rather, has been more or less reading him the way he wants to be read: that is, as a product of his upbringing and his privileged background and the constant search to be a man. Just because he sees that search as meaningful while the rest of us constantly see it as futile and frustrating and the origin of everything we hate about Pete doesn't mean that beneath it he's not a man of constant sorrow.

And I'm with you in that I don't at all believe that Pete's glimmers of self-awareness seem poised to actually lead somewhere redemptive, because just as you said, Mad Men doesn't really play its emotional beats that way. But I do think that if more like it follow, it might lead somewhere, if not redemptive, than at ieast keenly interesting. Because oh my god, Pete, you are always so, so keenly interesting.
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