Date: 2012-07-09 03:40 am (UTC)
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So so keenly interesting! It's funny about his self-awareness, because recently I was talking to someone about all the ways Pete and Don are so different and one way always to me seems to be that while Don may also fear that he's a terrible person, he actually is able to hope that he can reinvent himself. Like he started to try to work on himself in Season 4 and then just said no, he'd marry Megan instead. Megan thought he was a good man *now* who was trying to be better, and with her support he was like yes, I am that! He's vulnerable to his own pitches.

While Pete's really unable to sustain quite that level of self-delusion. Whenever he believes in some fantasy romance, for instance, that's going to fix everything he always seems to get slapped in the face that much harder with the truth. Like with Peggy, and the German au pair (where he did seem to have an inkling that he'd done something truly horrible), with Beth. He does a very different kind of pitching in his work than Don does. He just really is more self-aware, I think.

I think that's also why it's interesting the way Pete's *not* the one to kill himself in S5. On a meta level Pete was too obvious a character, but it you think of it now that it's over, they kind of laid out two people in different situations. Lane was mostly reacting to his outer troubles that he couldn't see a way out of, while Pete was dealing with actual depression. But Pete soldiers on, as many people do. Many people dismiss that as just being "too narcissistic" to kill himself but it seems more like being stubborn or defiant.

So yeah, I don't know what he could actually do to help himself, but I'd like to see how he deals with it. Like VK said, he's just lost a 12 round fight. Now he has to figure out if he wants to start living again.
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