So they detonated the main bomb of the series in a point of no return way that I'm not sure is going to work, but I wonder why they did the dumb incest thing before that? Because okay, I have no problem with shows showing incest and I know plenty of people ship Dexter/Deb and that's completely cool. I don't think it's wrong as a ship.

But this whole "Deb suddenly realizes/thinks she's in love with Dexter" just played out to me as nothing that made sense according to the Deb I've known or human behavior in general. Deb's the black and white person with the straight ahead morals who has trouble understanding crazy people. How many things has she casually judged as wrong because they deviated from some pretty standard forms of behavior? But this woman is going to within days be embracing the idea of turning the main relationship in her life, the one thing she depends on, into something completely different? Something Deb herself, had she heard anybody else describing it, would probably have assumed would lead to the brother running far away from her? Instead she's suddenly looking at her brother and seeing the potential return of his feelings and wondering what it means when he says he loves her back?

And then apparently they do it because Deb needs to be in love with any guy she finds out is a killer? Because Deb seeing Dexter kill someone (whether or not she'll know the full extent of him murdering people) just wouldn't have been a big enough deal if she wasn't coming to tell him that oh, when she said she loved him before she actually meant she was in love with him and could he possibly love her too? I just feel like it undercut the whole reveal by adding this level of soap opera nonsense. Had Deb spent the past few episodes understanding just how much Dexter meant to her as a brother and someone she could depend on I would have felt something, but I wound up just feeling like she looked silly. Like, wouldn't you know it? You were just about to tell the guy you loved him and you walk in on him killing a guy!" *cue sad trumpet noise* That Deb just has the worst luck with men! And I know the therapist was the person who put the idea into her head in the first place as if it was the most normal thing in the world but really, no discussion about how there might be a bit more to discuss about the situation than how Deb ought to express her feelings?

I mean, look, it's not that I don't know that people can sometimes have feelings like this. I'm not averse to seeing a story where it happens. Cable has plenty of incestuous relationships, actually. I just think this one was done so stupidly in a season that's been all over the place to begin with, that it's thrown me out of the whole season. Deb's one of my favorite characters on TV and I just don't buy this at all.

So now it's like I would be looking forward to next season to see how this cliffhanger pans out, but also not looking forward to it because I might have to be embarassed by more of this. I guess I should hope that this revelation will kill Deb's romantic notions but man I'm annoyed by that distraction.
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