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It's been a while since I've updated, I just realized. But I'm still here and commenting! December is coming, and every year I feel a little left out of the gift exchange at Christmas since I don't write fic. Not the stress when everyone seems to be worried about their fics--but the present opening seems like such a fun part of everyone's Christmas day!

So this year I decided to take the plunge! Here I am writing my very first Yuletide letter.:-)

My main goal for this letter is to give you the freedom to have a fun time writing while also giving you some inspiration if you need it—I know I like to have something to start with so you might too. Rule of thumb is: if it inspires, use it; if it stifles, don't use it.

I’ve liked some awfully diverse stories in my time so I don’t really have a tone you have to go for—I figure the fandom sets the tone for these fandoms anyway. Depending on the characters I’ve liked gen, het and slash. Not really into non-con, but not offended by it if it works with the story!

The fandoms:

The Dark is Rising

This was the one fandom where I asked for something that could be shippy. Will/Jane was my first pairing when I read this series. (I’ve enjoyed a lot of ships in this fandom, but it does contain one of the rare ships I really don’t like which is Bran/Jane. Probably not relevant here but I figured I’d mention it since I have a weird aversion to it.)

I feel like Will brings out what’s special about Jane because she was the first to see something special in Will (even if she doesn’t yet know/remember what it is). That always seemed almost like a nice metaphor for love to me, the way she sees something more in somebody very ordinary. Also, of course, Jane has an instinctive empathy for the loneliness of immortal magical beings, and Will’s been properly humbled by that in canon. So hopefully that gives you an idea of the kind of tone I tend to like with Will/Jane. Don't feel like you have to write romance at all, though. Gen is good too. Yay!

L.A. Confidential

This is definitely one where it seems like the movie itself sets the tone—I love listening to these guys talk to each other (even better than the book!). I like all the characters so anyone you write about I’ll like—Lynn, Pierce, Sid—I’ve always had a soft spot for Matt Reynolds as well. Before, during or after canon is good for me. I mentioned all 3 male leads but don’t feel the need to give everyone equal time or have them interacting with each other. If, for instance, you were setting a story post-canon memories of Jack would count as writing about Jack. Yay!

East of Eden

I love the relationship between Cal and Aron, which has Adam and Cathy in the center at all times, in a way. I’d love any moments you wanted to create or flesh out that explore that relationship, using other characters too if you like. Again, before, during or after canon all interests me.

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Yuletide is a great fest to get started! If nothing else, you know that you're writing in a tiny little fandom so people will really appreciate it. I'm sure you'll be fine, though.
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From: [identity profile]

Thanks for the encouragement! It's silly how freaked out I make myself over it, but I would like to give somebody a story they like!
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From: [identity profile]

\o/ Yaaaay you're doing yuletide!

I resisted for yeeeeeaars but it finally got me a few years ago.
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From: [identity profile]

I thought of it as Yuletide time for so long I figured I might as well actually find out what Yuletide was really like!
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From: [personal profile] trobadora

Yay, Yuletide! \o/

(I did it the first time last year, and I flailed like a flaily thing, but it was great!)

From: [identity profile]

We're going to have magpie in our Yuletide?! Awesome. :D

omg, I am too sleepy to flail properly over this. But it will be awesome, Yuletide always is - and we have helpful comms and an IRC chat full of awesome and helpful people for all your Yule needs!

Also, um. Hi. I'm not sure I've ever commented to you before, or not. *tiny wave*

*gift of chocolates because sudden comment*
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From: [identity profile]

No problem with surprise comments at all--thanks! I need all the encouragement I can get. It looks like I'm definitely in!

From: [identity profile]

I am but I'm still waffling and something I read today freaked me out a little. I may well still do it. If so, I will pick one thing in particular that is very bizarre. IMO. By which I mean I am kind of excited about it. I couldn't believe it was on the list.

Anyway, just kind of trying to work up the courage and find three other things to pick as fandoms.


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