So Yuletide really is fun, I find. :-) I read a lot of stories I really liked. Once again I'll pimp my Nero Wolfe story, Furlough, which I now know was written by Re_White.

I wrote two stories, one as a treat. My treat was in the English and Scottish Popular Ballads fandom. [personal profile] measured_words talked about a fic based on the song Lamkin/Long Lankin that made sense of some of the plotholes. If you don't know the song, someone put up a video to the Steeleye Span version, the one I know, here. Lots of blood! Anyway, this is the solution I came up with:

December 8, 1957 (1966 words) by faviconsistermagpie
Fandom: English and Scottish Popular Ballads - Francis James Child
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Lamkin

Fred told Gloria to beware.

There's canon level violence (which means some character deaths) in that one. Also misogyny.

My main assignment was really exciting because it was for one of my favorite books and movies, The Haunting of Hill House. I was watching this movie nonstop around Halloween so I was in the right headspace for the assignment and a nice reread. I love Shirley Jackson! And [personal profile] ava_jamison and [personal profile] jlh for showing me what didn't work.

Fear and Guilt Are Sisters (4345 words) by faviconsistermagpie
Fandom: Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Eleanor, Theodora

Theo thought she got away from Hill House just in time.

It takes place post-canon so there's mentions of character death and suicide as a subject.

I love bringing a little Halloween to Yuletide!

I hope everybody had a happy new year! I've started the new year off in the traditional way, housecleaning while watching a Hoarders marathon. I'm not sure how I ever cleaned before Hoarders.

Hopefully I'll get it together enough to do a list of some of the stories I loved this year, though I'm still making my way through the collection!

I hope everybody had a great


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