I had one of those click through journeys this morning, you know, where you look at something that links to something else, that links to something else and eventually you can't quite remember how you got there?

In my case it was to a Huffington Post review of the SPN episode The Man Who Would Be King. I enjoyed the review in itself since I liked that ep. I've never really been too deep in the SPN fandom but the few things I remember reading after the ep were mostly just using it as grist for the mill of ongoing fandom arguments about Castiel and whether or not Dean and Sam should kick him to the curb etc. The reviewer felt like the story of Castiel's fall is great because of how it reflects the main themes of the show about faith and doubt. It is therefore, he her view, a Hall of Fame ep. An ep that encapsulates "what this show is about." An ep that was "richly rewarding on its own terms and that also provided a road map of the themes that have made 'Supernatural' worthy of six seasons of attention"

I'm not going to argue about whether "The Man Who Would Be King" actually deserves that title (since I don't know if it's as well-loved as most eps like that usually are)... but the concept really is interesting--the eps that do that. )


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