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( Nov. 27th, 2012 02:50 pm)
Hey! So the amazing [personal profile] pts had an idea a while back. The idea was:

It occurred to us one bourbon-seasoned afternoon in March that Kissing and Adventure make really excellent partners—you know, in stories. And we thought to ourselves how grand it would be to assemble an anthology of fiction dedicated to making that case.

And lo, this idea became a reality--in e-book form! Seven tales of ships (as in vessels), and ships (as in kissing), all for under $3.00.

You can check out more details right here. There's story excerpts and links to get a copy of your own in multiple formats. So much kissing in a convenient format and a really low price!

Also, I'm in it. That is, I wrote one of the stories. As did other terrific people like [profile] aliwildgoose and [personal profile] jlh. I'm pretty excited about that part, actually. So I'm shamelessly plugging it. Proudly plugging it, in fact.

The Ships We Sail. Get your copy today! If you would like! No pressure!


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