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anna ([personal profile] brooms) wrote in [personal profile] sistermagpie 2013-01-03 06:15 pm (UTC)

But when Bilbo did it I could completely see it as he did right then. He'd gotten what he said he wanted, but he knew he'd made a terrible mistake. You couldn't have a company of dwarves at your table, have them ask to be your burglar and then say no and have them just leave!

the way you put it and your mention of the TARDIS made me feel more for that scene and the movie overall than i did while sitting in the theater.

i can see now, objectively, how it was really well done. that talk with gandalf about change was fab. it didn't work for me in an emotional level, tho, because i seem to be genetically unable to gaf about dwarves - it's a condition - and i thought they were super annoying barging in bilbo's home like that rather than delightful.

i think these moments always hinge on the audience's willingness to go on the journey. i guess i wasn't in the hobbit, so i was kinda fated to never enjoy it as much.

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