Hello and thank you, Yuletide writer! You are guaranteed an enthusiastic audience for your story, I can tell you.

My main rule of thumb about this letter is that if it inspires you, use it. If it stifles you, ignore it. I don't have any "perfect" stories in my head, I'd really just love to read anything in these fandoms or along these lines. For general likes/dislikes I'm fine with darkfic, even horror, and feel free to write whatever rating you like. To give you an idea of what excites me about the fandoms, here you go!

The Americans - Philip Jennings, Charles Duluth

I started out not having any ideas about what stories I would want in this fandom, then I saw that somebody nominated Charles and was totally excited. (Especially since after the fact I thought—why didn’t I nominate Emmett and Leanne?). So I’d love to have a story about Charles and Philip’s relationship, whatever on earth it might be exactly. The show gives us so little information, but what we have gives us a lot to work with, these two guys have worked together for so long etc. Feel free to bring in other characters, of course. These two just seemed like the center of things.

For more of my feelings on this character/these characters, he came up in discussion here and a lot of cool things about him have been brought up, along with Philip’s isolation. From the first season I’ve kind of loved the great contrast between Elizabeth/Gregory and Philip/Charles, since these seem to be their two longest-run agents and reflect the two of them so interestingly. If you have an idea for tackling both relationships that would be cool with me. But I only requested Philip/Charles as the deal breakers so if you’re not as comfortable writing Elizabeth and Gregory I won’t be disappointed. Of the two pairs I feel like I know Elizabeth and Gregory better already so it’s almost implied even if not written!

Rope (1948) – Brandon Shaw, Phillip Morgan, Rupert Cadell

One of the most bizarre things in this movie is the way Jimmy Stewart (Rupert) spends the whole evening expounding on how superior people should be allowed to kill if they want, only to return as the righteous, horrified dispenser of justice when Brandon and Phillip do that. He accuses them of twisting his words in a way he never intended…and yet dude, they took your words literally. So I’d love a story about Rupert back when he was the headmaster at school, watching over Brandon and Phillip. I don’t blame him for their crime, but he seems like he was seriously dark and weird, perhaps especially with those two (who were, I assume canonically, lovers).

Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout) – Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe

This is such a standard request, but as I’ve said before, I’ve just never read a fic in this fandom I didn’t like. The relationship between Nero and Archie is of course a total fascination for me, but mostly I just love all the characters interacting with each other. I’ve added Fritz here too since he’s part of the household and must have seen plenty of weird stuff between these two while having his own life as well. Slash or no slash is equally fine with me.



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