Hello and thank you, Yuletide writer! You are guaranteed an enthusiastic audience for your story, I can tell you.

If something in this letter inspires you, use it. If it stifles you, ignore it. I don't have any "perfect" stories in my head, I'd really just love to read anything in these fandoms or along these lines. For general likes/dislikes I'm fine with darkfic, even horror, and feel free to write whatever rating you like. In general, I do like the tone and emotional content of all these canons so I like to see that in fic as much as possible. To give you an idea of what excites me about the fandoms, here you go.

The theme this year seems to be long, complicated, often damaging relationships. Woo hoo!

Rope (1948) – Brandon Shaw, Phillip Morgan, Rupert Cadell

One of the most bizarre things in this movie is the way Jimmy Stewart (Rupert) spends the whole evening expounding on how superior people should be allowed to kill if they want, only to return as the righteous, horrified dispenser of justice when Brandon and Phillip do that. He accuses them of twisting his words in a way he never intended…and yet dude, they took your words literally. So I’d love a story about Rupert back when he was the headmaster at school, watching over Brandon and Phillip. I don’t blame him for their crime, but he seems like he was seriously dark and weird, perhaps especially with those two (who were, I assume canonically, lovers).

Better Call Saul - Saul Goodman, Chuck McGill

Here's another great relationship--Jimmy and Chuck McGill. Chuck's betrayal was such a huge moment in the series, I'd love to see some of their earlier life. Jimmy's so devoted to Jimmy and seems so misguided about how, exactly, Chuck feels about him. The whole dynamic of Chuck doing everything right and that just making him resent his ne'er-do-well slick brother all the more...that's some fascinating sibling stuff there!

The Americans - Elizabeth Jennings, Philip Jennings, Gabriel

From the first scene where Elizabeth and Philip visit Gabriel with Frusen Glädjé ("It's Swedish!") you've got a whole fascinating dynamic there. For years, it seems, Gabriel's been a father figure to these two, developing them as individuals and perhaps as a team as well. The two Jennings are so different--probably even more so in the beginning--and Gabriel seems to have created a strong individual relationship with both of them. I'd love to see the development of that through the years or anything vaguely related to that. And feel free to get into the actual events of S3. I don't really like future fic in this fandom, but S3 stuff is just fine! Oh, and feel free to delve into Gabriel himself, of course. We know nothing about him, but he's obviously got his own history and life and relationships (we know he knows Claudia well!).

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