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( Aug. 9th, 2009 07:35 pm)
Oh my god, this meme ate my entire weekend almost! It's hard! Which I should have known. But I think I finally finished. I'm going to post it before I change my mind on everything.

Top Five Favorite (Not Fanfic) Authors )

Top Five Self-Indulgent-But-Undeniably-Appealing Fanfic Tropes )

Top Five Characters You Ended Up Loving More Than You Thought You Would At First )

Top 5 websites )

Top 5 books )

Top 5 Moments of Glee )

Top 5 Fanfics, The Ones You Read Again And Again )

Top 5 Actors )

Top 5 Songs You Associate With Anything Fannish )

Top 5 Cities You’ve Ever Visited )

Top Five Missing Moments/Scenes/Episodes )

Top Five Horror Stories, Can Be Movies, Books, Etc. )

Top Five Favorite Endings To Books )

Top 5 Villain Archetypes )

Top Five Ideas Or Themes You Find Yourself Concerned With When Interacting With Fannish Works )

Top 5 favorite fictional characters, answer in picture form (either pictures of them, or pictures of something that represents what you like about them; whatever. Pictures!). )

Five best episode endings )

Top 5 Batman stories, Top 5 Robin stories? )

Top five successful adaptations of books to films. )

Top 5 fictional worlds )

Top 5 Fictional Friendships )

Five Top Fannish Meta Pet Peeves )

Topo five things about Dick Grayson/Robin )
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( Jan. 11th, 2007 04:06 pm)

I know it's only a movie. I never expected it to be right, exactly. I know they only bought it to jump on the bandwagon after Narnia and HP. But if those producers were willing to at least attempt to stay close to the source characters, WHY MUST THEY MURDER MY DARK IS RISING!

THEY MADE THE STANTONS AMERICANS!!!! And bratty, hateful and stereotypes! Yes, it's Will the nerd, his no-doubt obnoxious Hollywood little sister and a passle of dumb, grungy brothers who push him around under the nose of their cold, distant parents (why would cold, distant academics decide to have 6 children? well, at least it's not 9, I guess...).

God knows why they've even bothered to set it in England. Oh right--it's easy enough to change an English family for an American family fake Hollywood pod!family, but trying to find actually mythology other than the one given in the book would be difficult. Though I'm sure somebody tried ("Why can't we just set the Arthurian history in America?") to do that.

I'm usually the first person to consider the filmmaker's pov, but in this case the filmmaker's pov is all too obvious. And it's unfortunate because I think at least a lot of the recent adaptations of fantasy and kids' books, even when they made changes, were understood to be tapping into a love of the books themselves. Obviously with this they thought the books weren't big enough to care about or trust the characters, so it got the Hollywood treatment and when it fails they'll blame the books.
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( Sep. 17th, 2004 12:01 pm)
I know I'm years behind the rest of the fandom, but I've just read my first super-Americanized fic and I can't stop chuckling. It was just so...odd. And it made me think about the question of naming characters as well.

It's a Dark is Rising fic, but can be applied to any fandom, really. )

Also, in case I'm not updating tomorrow, would it be obnoxious to wish [ profile] isiscolo an early birthday? Start celebrating now, it's Friday!
This really is one of the best memes ever. Use's new "Search by summary" option, put in your name and see if you've ever been a Mary Sue. Then post the best summary here. )

I finished re-reading The Dark is Rising. I've been doing it a chapter a night but I admit I put off the last chapter for several days because, you know, it's the last chapter and it's sad. But here's my possibly random thoughts on this re-read. Very long because hey, five books here to react to! )

As an alternative to my long ramblings on The Dark is Rising,, please to enjoy Strindberg and Helium, especially “In the Park.”
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( Jun. 5th, 2003 08:22 pm)
I was planning on posting this yesterday, but was sick as a dog and couldn't crawl to my computer, much less type. This was a shame, as it came right after a really nice night at the Young Friends of Film tribute to Ethan Hawke where I was helping hand out tickets and such. I've always liked EH but my opinion of him was definitely raised by this event. He just seemed like a really nice guy, genuinely enthusiastic about his work and very polite (and very cute in person). Plus, he's got great friends. Can you believe Robert Sean Leonard actually came after finishing his performance of Long Day's Journey Into Night?? He was even wearing his little LDJIN jacket. He must have been exhausted-what a pal! Anyway, it was a generally excellent night and the good feelings even made up for my having to sit through possibly the most excruciating film clip ever, Ted Danson talking about being a bad father in Dad. The dry heaving that followed the event was only marginally worse than this scene.

Oh, and here I am at the party, from the back. The point of the picture is the dress. (The picture is the thumbnail that says it's from 06/04/03.)

Anyway, this is what I was going to post but didn't get to finish. It's totally unrelated and it's about The Dark is Rising.

The other night I was reading [ profile] truepenny's excellently-done analysis of the series. I agreed with a lot of it, but was more interested in the parts I disagreed with, which mostly had to do with Will (of course!) and more importantly on the relationship between Old Ones and Mortals. I'm going to off on that now, if nobody minds.... )
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( May. 6th, 2003 12:03 am)
Okay, okay. Since everyone's dying to know. My fictional crushes revealed! Although I've loved a lot of characters, there's only two I think of as being...the ones. Not just the passing flings, but the ones that stood the test of time. Original or not, The hobbit. The Old One. These are my guys. )


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