I saw a link on my flist this morning to some answers JKR gave about DH, one of which I found didn't really work for me. I mean, I think she undermined what she was going for a bit at least for this reader. )
I saw a link on my flist this morning to some answers JKR gave about DH, one of which I found didn't really work for me. I mean, I think she undermined what she was going for a bit at least for this reader. )
So here's what JKR has recently said about Dumbledore, getting more into his sexuality:

Cut for anybody who doesn't want to read that )
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( Sep. 18th, 2006 09:41 pm)
Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] millefiori!!

I was reading a thread on HP4GU today--naturally a long-running thread that I think started with the question of Dumbledore's placing Harry with the Dursleys and it echoed Sirius' life in a weird way for me, in a Meta-way. It started as a conversation about just what business it was of Dumbledore's to decide who Harry lived with. Like, if you accept that the Dursleys are just supposed to be the best choice, it still comes down to Dumbledore alone being the one to make it, as if he's got any connection to this kid at all beyond Harry's being really important to his personal plans for the future.

But it kept getting into all these criticisms of Sirius as a guardian to Harry. Criticisms that were really beside the point. The criticisms weren't particularly radical--he's immature, he's reckless--and he was always these things, it wasn't just Azkaban, because remember the Prank. But to me, actually, it seems like what was Sirius doom as a character wasn't only his own flaws but the fact that he just wasn't important enough to Dumbledore. )
On HP4GU there's a thread about Dumbledore's speech at the end of OotP, which I find totally horrifying (the speech, not the thread). It was suggested that everything Dumbledore is saying is essentially to help Harry--he cuts him off talking about Petunia because he (DD) doesn't want him to get off track and doesn't think Petunia's an issue. He talks about Kreacher because he knows Harry might be Kreacher's owner now and needs to prevent Harry from murdering him later. He maybe is trying to show Harry it's okay to be angry at Sirius by talking about Sirius' flaws. Needless to say, I don't agree with this, but for me what Dumbledore is doing in that scene isn't just being a Puppetmaster. Really, he's just an ass, imo. )

I got up this morning and went downtown in the pouring rain because there was a big electronic recycling drive where I could bring my old laptop. It's sad how much credit I give myself for this great sacrifice.

ETA: So I was reading the post Aja linked to saying that yes, Pureblood Prejudice is racism. What struck me was the end of the post seemed to also suggest that thinking Pureblood Prejudice was not racism, meant you were a DE apologist. I'm not seeing the leap there. If I argued that anti-Semitism wasn't racism because Jews were not a different race, would I be saying anti-Semitism was right? If I say sexism is not a synonym for racism am I defending sexism? It seems like the word "Prejudice" used in the term "Pureblood Prejudice" is the umbrella term for all these things. Or is just assumed that if you say it's not racism you must be supporting it because racism is the baddest?
HBP having been out for a while now, there are two widely-held fandom theories that I feel out of synch with, so whoever cares to, what are your thoughts? One of the thing's that ultimately frustrating about HBP for me is that there's *a lot* of times where we just don't know who knows how much of what when. It's easy to miss little bits of into that way--for instance, I've heard people suggest that DD doesn't know about Snape's UV, that Snape would never tell him, when that's one thing we do know that DD knows, because Harry overhears Snape and Draco talking about it (thus Draco also knows, which he might not have) and tells it to Dumbledore. Are we supposed to believe that any scene Harry witnessed he's allowed to tell his friends about was given to them in such detail it's like they were there?

[Poll #561852]

My own thoughts. )
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Shut up, I have a lot to work through with this book and fandom's reaction to it!:-)

This thought crossed my mind reading something recently about the end of HBP; it's kind of a clarification about Dumbledore's Mercy. Spoilers, yes. )
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( Mar. 25th, 2004 12:52 pm)
Recently [livejournal.com profile] mirabellawotr was making an excellent point about one of the challenges of HP being this move from a certain kind of children's lit universe to a YA one, and how this can sometimes just lead to confusion. For instance, The Dursleys in PS/SS are like something out of Roald Dahl, and we all know not to demand Harry to be rescued from them by Children's Protection Services. Petunia becomes more interesting in OotP, but while the Petunia in OotP could easily have been a horrible mother-substitute to Harry that caused him a lot of pain and misery, but she probably would have done so while still feeding him and giving him a regular room.

This was making me think about Dumbledore, and it occurred to me that the thing about him is that he is also a sort of uneasy mix of two types of characters. Two types that are related, but not the same, because they are from different stories. Mixing different types of stories can be hazardous to your reader's understanding, methinks. )

Also, totally unrelated, rant about editor I'm working with. )

Also I <333 N_A. Really.


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