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( Jul. 1st, 2007 10:55 pm)
So mere weeks before the release of DH I somehow have something to say about a storyline in HBP. It's two years late, but I need to pick every bone. I was reading stuff today about strong and weak characters, some of which I disagreed with, and unsurprisingly the Tonks storyline came up. I'm not really taking a position here on whether the story was good or bad for whatever reasons, but what I do think was that Tonks' storyline was useful. )
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( Jun. 26th, 2007 12:18 pm)
I feel like I haven't posted in forever. I was away for a while for my brother's wedding, which was really fun. Although he's not too much like the character as a type, if I were to describe how my family feels about my brother, I think it's probably something like the way Neville fans feel about Neville...and his new wife's family and friends seem to feel the same way about her, so it was a pretty happy wedding.

Also, got an OUTSTANDING on the Level 3 WOMBAT--woo-hoo! I got O's on the second two and EE on the first one which was supposed to be the easiest. This is just like in high school when we'd get assigned summer reading and I'd get really into it and then get a bad grade when we were tested because they'd ask questions about ridiculous minutia in the story that I never remembered. The second two WOMBATs were about things I actually thought about. Anyway it’s pathetic how validated I feel about a pretend grade. But then, I was just as eager to find out Harry's OWL results and those were somebody else's pretend grades.

I'd wanted to post something before I left on this conversation I was reading on a list...I'm having trouble making it coherent, but figured I ought to throw it out before DH if I was going to throw it out at all. Especially after [ profile] jlh posted about the anniversary of The Loving Decision, which ruled that a state (in that case, Virginia) could not nullify a marriage on the basis of race. I recommend the post. In it she also brought up the more fandom-related point of how difficult it seems it is to talk about race in fandom, and this other conversation was also about race in HP as related to real life racism. Specifically, this was about

Snape's Worst Memory. )
I had mentioned [ profile] kayen's essay Agents of Narrative Desire earlier and still recommending it--it's long, but I really enjoyed it. So I feel a bit guilty having a response here that's sort of "Okay, now how can I make it all about Draco and H/D?" but hey, I wouldn't be me if I didn't do that. And besides I really love the assassination plot storyline in HBP and it doesn't get talked enough for me so--Isn't it cool how that storyline is all about the H/D? )

Btw, best response to The Sopranos finale I've heard, from a radio caller this morning.

Barely a spoiler, but just in case. )
I watched this movie yesterday that got me thinking about Snape in a weird way. I should at least partially blame [ profile] sydpad's

I'm going to include spoilers for the movie and probably ultimately talk more about The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence than about HP, but it did eventually lead to Snape... Spoilers for MWSLV within. )

Btw, this wound up much longer than I anticipated, and in the middle of it I got my eyes checked. They’re still dilated so I apologize for any mistakes there might be. The whole thing might be written in wingdings for all I know right now.
I was on HP4GU today and realized there was an actual Draco-related issue in HBP that I hadn't written thousands of words about--and it relates to Snape too! Anyway, we were talking about Harry feeling remorse about Sectumsempra even though it was self-defense yadda yadda, and I realized there was something I was kind of dancing around in talking about the scene that seemed really obvious but I actually don't think I've ever read much about it from this angle. Draco crying in the bathroom. )

Btw, how much do I love Stephen Colbert for putting Gwyneth Paltrow's head on his shelf? It's still the best moment in her career, imo.
I was reading a post today which linked to a discussion about H/D that got me thinking. I didn't actually read the discussion; only had time to skim it, so this isn't a real response to that thread. It just got me thinking. I believe the premise of the discussion was on the question of doms and subs in H/D, and which was which and why, but it got me thinking about The H/D dynamic in general and how it changes in HBP )
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( Mar. 23rd, 2006 11:06 am)
Thinking about Snape and the UV and Draco's task got me thinking about Bellatrix, whom I hadn't thought about enough before...these things are therefore probably pretty obvious, but here I am putting them down anyway. Thoughts on Glory Up For Grabs and DE!Snape )
I've been feeling weirdly disconnected recently. I'm reading my flist, and I keep hitting reply and then winding up not replying. It must be the time of year or month or something. I'm just having trouble opening my mouth. So here I am forcing myself--for the good of the world or something.:-) Because I did find myself thinking HP thoughts today, mostly due to a conversation I was reading about whether or not there would be someone revealed as ESE! in book 7. The point was made, and I agreed, that the bigger mystery for Book 7 seemed to lie in hidden allies rather than enemies, with Harry getting to know himself by coming to a new understanding of people he hated. That made me think about What sort of things Harry's been set up to see in his least favorite Slytherins--besides Tom Riddle perhaps. )
I’ve almost posted a version of this idea a few times, but I was finally reading something yesterday that, I don’t know, gave me a new spin on it? Anyway, it just has to do with John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and how I’ve always related it to Sirius and Regulus Black, only now I’m also relating it to something generally HP as well. )
I was reading a discussion on a list about...well, at least what I made it about...was what kids in Snape's class are supposed to "learn" from his bad behavior. Snape seems monstrous to Neville because Neville is young and insecure, but Neville conquers Snape with his Riddikulus spell, making him look silly, and that's what he has to do in his life. Scary teachers often become not so scary when you grow up, and Snape may shrink a lot. The main point being that what's wrong with Snape is often that he's never grown up, and it's more important not to be Snape than it is to get back at Snape. When Dumbledore explains to Harry that the Occlumency lessons failed because he thought Snape could conquer his own demons and he couldn't, the implication is that Harry can hear this because he is a man who can conquer his demons. Neville's third-year boggart is a kid one. Later on he seems to get different priorities as he's able to really understand what happened to his parents and feel he should fight for justice on their behalf.
Naturally, where this is really going is Draco.:-) Well, actually Harry and Draco and Snape. )

So that was my thought. Marigold has retired to the country because it's hard for my roommate to carry her up and down the stairs with one arm, and she doesn't want to drop her. :-(
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( Dec. 3rd, 2005 12:04 pm)
I was reading something on a list today about Slytherins being evil, perhaps specifically due to the fact that their house was based on Pure bloodlines (something that's changed to "ambition and cunning" by Harry's first year, though was possibly pretty unremarkable an idea thousands of years ago-Durmstrang doesn't even accept Muggleborns iirc). Anyway, there was the comment, "Unless of course one considers Draco to be a good Slytherin, which I most definitely don't." Somewhere else there was another essay on Slughorn being the "true" Slytherin--what they were before Voldemort, and so what they should be. I've written about the idea of Slughorn as "The Good Slytherin" before, and this is sort of the next step from that. Because I was thinking that while at this point I wouldn't say Draco was a Good Slytherin (meaning the Slytherin who is a good person), I did think he had potential in ways that Slughorn really did not.

And here's why. )
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( Oct. 11th, 2005 01:25 pm)
I just posted this on a list as a comment but it struck me as something I'd throw out and see what other people thought. Some may know I've always been very wary of the idea of "The Good Slytherin," that mythical character that's supposed to be introduced and so redeem the house in canon, but it still seems to be a favorite fandom idea. (Isn't Phineas awesome enough??!) This came up in a discussion of Slughorn as such. Now, Slughorn obviously is not a Death Eater and he's never sung 'Weasley is Our King' so I guess that puts him above every other Slytherin in canon so far, but still, Is he really good? )
Happy birthday [ profile] jewelsong and [ profile] tiranog!!

I've been thinking about how magic works, I think mostly due to recent conversations about Dumbledore's death and the duel in the bathroom in HBP. My reactions to those things got a little more complicated than I originally expected, and connected to magic in general in the Potterverse, but I think it's important for interpreting that bathroom scene, in particular.

Magic in the Potterverse--err, long )
Happy birthday [ profile] xnera!

I realized I forgot to mention I saw Corpse Bride, which I enjoyed. Even more I enjoyed the Q&A with Tim Burton after the movie. I've heard he's very shy about speaking in front of people, but he was relaxed and funny and interesting. Afterwards I also met a guy named Shade who had appeared on that Bravo's 100 Scariest Horror Movies which I watched rather avidly, and we liked a lot of the same movies.:-)

Speaking of horror movies--well, really not but I'm attempting a transition here--I've been thinking about those Vampire and Werewolf theories that so persistently float around HP fandom and thinking about a way I think they are interesting, but for different reasons than the way they claim to be interesting. )
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( Sep. 4th, 2005 05:58 pm)
I just really wanted a subject line that was all letters.

But it is relevant. Oddly, I found myself thinking about the state of H/D post-HBP. I can't begin to cover all of it, but I was thinking about one of the ways in which HBP seemed so H/D-friendly. That is, not anything to do with sexual attraction, but just that of all the standard H/D ideas it picked up on, this was one of them. )

p.s. My allergies are driving me crazy.

p.p.s. Unrelated but also about HP, why does it seem like everyone is very quick to assume that the writing in the HBP book could be Lily's, because she was so great in Potions and was helping Snape? Couldn't the joke be that Lily was a Potions genius just like Harry was--because she was getting help from the HBP? Slughorn makes it clear that he's more apt to praise you if he likes you personally, for either personal or political reasons. Plus, does "Just shove a bezoar down his throat" sound more like Snape or Lily? And did Lily create Sectumsempra and write it in Snape's book with the direction "for enemies?"
HBP having been out for a while now, there are two widely-held fandom theories that I feel out of synch with, so whoever cares to, what are your thoughts? One of the thing's that ultimately frustrating about HBP for me is that there's *a lot* of times where we just don't know who knows how much of what when. It's easy to miss little bits of into that way--for instance, I've heard people suggest that DD doesn't know about Snape's UV, that Snape would never tell him, when that's one thing we do know that DD knows, because Harry overhears Snape and Draco talking about it (thus Draco also knows, which he might not have) and tells it to Dumbledore. Are we supposed to believe that any scene Harry witnessed he's allowed to tell his friends about was given to them in such detail it's like they were there?

[Poll #561852]

My own thoughts. )
I started writing this post pre-HBP, so it’s mostly about Hermione in OotP, but I mention some things from HBP at the end. It’s about something that seems to me is one of the biggest driving forces with Hermione as a character, yet I haven’t often seen it discussed (probably because I’m just not looking in the right places). It starts out focusing on Hermione’s actions when it came to Harry/Cho. I shall call it, Hermione Granger, Saboteur Extraordinaire. )
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( Aug. 7th, 2005 12:34 pm)
I had such a girlie day yesterday. Did all the things I needed to do to my hair at once, which meant sitting in a salon reading Glamour. Finally did laundry and went grocery shopping. Then I went somewhere I've never gone before. I live really close to a "world-famous" bra store and have never set foot inside because, well, I don't really have much in the way of breasts. So I've never really had a grown-up bra. Yesterday, though, I got up my nerve and went up to the no-nonsense businesswoman who seems to be in charge since the 90-year-old bra goddess who ran the place for almost a century died. I said, shyly, "Um, I've never had a proper bra fitting before." "Well," she said, looking like somebody who would be running a secretarial agency in a 40s movie, "you are about to."

I'm very excited with my purchases.:-)

And since I was being girlie, I was in the mood to play with dolls and do the Mary Sue Meme )

Speaking of Mary Sues, I've been thinking also about fanfic and a few posts I've read recently about whether or not JKR reads it. It seems like there are more than one ways to to turn canon into fanfic. )
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( Aug. 2nd, 2005 05:45 pm)
Shut up, I have a lot to work through with this book and fandom's reaction to it!:-)

This thought crossed my mind reading something recently about the end of HBP; it's kind of a clarification about Dumbledore's Mercy. Spoilers, yes. )
I still have yet to receive my book. So this post may be filled with things that are off, or I may miss completely obvious things that have to do with the subject. It's very hard for me to write about Snape without going over stuff again, and without knowing some of the basic facts we're intentionally not told. Anyway, still, it came into my head so I'm throwing it out. I did that post about Father Figures and Draco, and I couldn't help but think about how fabulous it is from the other side for Papa Snape. )


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