It's really hard to spend an intense long weekend listening to meta meta meta and come back and write about it. I don't even know where to start, except to say that PR was my first conference and I think I was spoiled by it. It was *really* well run. My biggest complaint was--and this is so cheesy and cliché--that I wish I had a Time Turner so I could have gone to more stuff that were at the same time. (And that's just the programming, of course--not even getting into just having a good time outside of the programming walking around and eating and drinking and talking and wtf flamingo? and yay!)

I will shamelessly say that my own paper was the most fun ever for me.:-) Especially because everybody started talking afterwards so it was just like having a great lj conversation but better because there were people there in person and Aja brought her Draco doll and let me have him on the stage with me.

I can't wait until they put the thing out with all the papers I didn't get to read and panels I didn't get to go to. It's still all sort of processing in my brain. Oh--and the Snape panel was also really fun. I admit I love the whole Snape=Anubis theory and was glad it was represented. Also, interestingly, the last question the Borders mod asked was whether we thought Snape would live or die. The three of us on Snape=Friend said he would die; the three on Snape=Foe said he would live.

For my first little blip of response to an actual paper, I saw a really cool one on PoA as a Gothic novel that Got me thinking about Sirius' death. )
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( Sep. 18th, 2006 09:41 pm)
Happy birthday [ profile] millefiori!!

I was reading a thread on HP4GU today--naturally a long-running thread that I think started with the question of Dumbledore's placing Harry with the Dursleys and it echoed Sirius' life in a weird way for me, in a Meta-way. It started as a conversation about just what business it was of Dumbledore's to decide who Harry lived with. Like, if you accept that the Dursleys are just supposed to be the best choice, it still comes down to Dumbledore alone being the one to make it, as if he's got any connection to this kid at all beyond Harry's being really important to his personal plans for the future.

But it kept getting into all these criticisms of Sirius as a guardian to Harry. Criticisms that were really beside the point. The criticisms weren't particularly radical--he's immature, he's reckless--and he was always these things, it wasn't just Azkaban, because remember the Prank. But to me, actually, it seems like what was Sirius doom as a character wasn't only his own flaws but the fact that he just wasn't important enough to Dumbledore. )
I’ve almost posted a version of this idea a few times, but I was finally reading something yesterday that, I don’t know, gave me a new spin on it? Anyway, it just has to do with John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and how I’ve always related it to Sirius and Regulus Black, only now I’m also relating it to something generally HP as well. )
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( Dec. 16th, 2005 03:58 pm)
I was reading something today that brought up that old HP argument, Weasleys vs. Malfoys and it once again made me ask: Are there any really happy families in HP canon? )

Phew! That was a lot longer than I expected it to be. I just started babbling about families. The basic idea being that this is why it drives me crazy when any family gets made one-dimensional either way, because it seems like it really goes against canon to both say a family is just completely negative or to say a family--usually the Weasleys--is ideal. I honestly don't even know if JKR *could* write One Big Happy Anybody's Family, because she just seems too aware of how people, especially families, fuck each other up and hurt each other. It’s not just that Voldemort comes from a bad family and Harry from a good one, it’s that while Harry’s family was good and then gone, Voldemort’s was just always gone. (Which of course probably means he never bonded and a sociopath is an expected result, but anyway…)
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( Aug. 1st, 2005 04:27 pm)
I was thinking about essential choices today in HP...well, that and Peter Pettigrew and Draco. It all goes back to that line in CoS, It's our choices that show us who we are. Spoilers for HBP. )
Two posts ago we got into an exchange about an old thread on FAP entitled "HP Structure Demands More Draco," and it's made me think about how characters tend to work in the series and how that may or may not predict what they will do. If that made sense, come along with me! )
I had a stray thought today while reading the various theories of Sirius being poisoned, mostly about why I like Snape not staying for dinner. )
[ profile] mirabellawotr brought up something today that really struck a chord with me in this post. She's talking about Remus and Sirius' relationship and considering the possibility that it's not necessarily a happy one or a good basis for fluff.

That's the way it strikes me as well. )
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( May. 13th, 2004 12:51 pm)
The thread on [ profile] fernwithy's lj continues to be interesting, and it gave me a thought about something. This idea could be completely wrong because I haven't checked the books for anything that would contradict it, but I wondered all the same about possible Snape/Draco parallel in PoA. )
This has been a great discussion weekend on lj--which makes it very hard for me to concentrate on what I should be doing. ::sigh:: But I did get some things done and WILL finish the assignment I gave myself today. I WILL. I hope.

Anyway, these discussions got me thinking, for some reason, about Percy and Sirius again, and their leaving of their families. More on them inside. )
So I was going to write this thing on authority in LOTR vs. HP (the world trembles in anticipation!) and I got a little sidetracked by this thought on father figures in HP. Spoilers about The OotP Death inside.

Basically I was thinking about who Harry's surrogate father in the story is? )

Warning: Authority post probably tk.
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( Jun. 26th, 2003 12:03 pm)
Continuing in my usual need to see twins everywhere, I wanted to talk about Sirius and Percy in OotP. It's long. Why do these things always get so long when I write them?? I'm cutting the whole thing so there's no spoilers whatsoever, with handy Percy and Sirius titles for easy skipping!

Percy )

Sirius )

I have not yet written a post on Draco in OotP, particularly with regards to H/D. I think that might be next for me...Yes, my Little Dragon. Soon....


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