I hope everyone has had a happy holidays this month, whatever and whenever you celebrated! I always feel left out of Yuletide this time of year so this year I decided what it would feel like to actually participate--it feels like being a kid totally excited for presents for me, it turns out.

I got fantastic gifts! I still can't get over somebody writing them for me--and not just an assigned story but lovely treats! I was ridiculously gleeful just knowing they were there before the reveal. So sharing the love, I got 4 stories in all in 2 fandoms.

The Dark is Rising

All Shall Find the Light At Last (All the Lonely People of the World)


Wild Wish

Both my gift fic and my treat (the second one) focus on Jane Drew and the things I love about her in canon. People sometimes note that Jane is a "traditional girl" character in the way she's sometimes a little mother to her brothers and worries about safety when they want to rush into danger, but being a safety-concious girl myself I love that about her, and these fics were just celebrations of why those things make her special. I love the Will/Jane relationship and these fics are boths a wonderful example of why. The second one is relatively short, but it doesn't need to be any longer. You're left holding your breath!

LA Confidential

I got two fics in this fandom--two fics that compliment each other, really. LA Confidential is a story full of choices, especially life-changing ones, and these fics all focus on that.

Try Again

Just A Small Town Boy

The first fic focuses on Jack, Ed and Bud separately, but in such a way that they compliment each other. To me it was almost like a progression from regret to acceptance.

The second fic is about Matt and what he was hoping to find at the Badge of Honor party. It really encapsulates the mixture of world-weariness and innocence that is Matt, and the danger that is Hollywood.

I've also just started randomly poking through the archives and found a lot of great stories. A few rise to the top of my memory. I've read several other Dark is Rising stories (haven't gotten through all of them yet) that I recommend--one especially hit another favorite spot for me:


Hawkin and Merriman, where it all started. All the foreshadowing you can imagine, without being about the foreshadowing.

I was also amazed at all the Nero Wolfe stories. There's four of them, and they all Do It Right. Two of them are slash. There's so many ways that could be written badly--with that canon if you don't get the voice right, it's not canon. These fics were like four big shiny Cadillacs rolling down 34th Street. I almost requested this fandom signing up. I might have to do that next year.

Here's the static link to all four of them.

Oh, and I also read a Huge story, femslash. Becca is probably my favorite character in that canon (and that's saying a lot because the characters on Huge are all so wonderful) but she's also fairly quiet. The author really got her right. Of course she's writing a novel and of course it's called The Mists of K'oralin!

The fic is Becca/Chloe, and that relationship is a big thing for me on that show--though I never even considered femslash until this fic!

You're My Best Friend (And I Love You)

That's what I've read so far!

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From: [personal profile] go_back_chief

Oh I wasn't going to look, because I so rarely feel like reading fanfic anymore, but there's a Huge fanfic? And it's Becca/Chloe? I have to save that. Becca was probably my favorite character, too, amongst the students at least. And if any dynamic was made for subtext, it was that one.


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