Recently I’ve read a couple of conversations that made me think about shipping. Specifically I've been thinking about the criticism: Why does s/he like her/him? As in: We don't understand why s/he likes her/him. The sudden attraction comes out of nowhere. If we don't understand that it's not realistic/it's badly written or whatever.

I'm going to use actual ships to talk about this, but hopefully this will not set off a ship argument or make anybody feel criticized for liking or not liking a ship. One of the ships I'm going to talk about I don't like (Harry/Ginny from HP) and one I do (Zuko/Mai from Avatar), so hopefully that separates it from liking or not liking the ship straight off.

But where did that attraction come from? )
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( Jun. 9th, 2007 10:21 pm)
I didn't think I was going to have much to say about the "Responsible Fanfic" discussion--that is, I had plenty to say but I said it in comments mostly. But I did read one comment that I responded to that made me think about a little tangent. Here's the exchange here.

And here are my thoughts on Tom/Ginny )

Btw, I also just read a really odd, good book. Harriet by Elizabeth Jenkins. I mention it because it's basically a straightforward telling of a crime committed, based on a real crime, and while the criminals in this case are clearly the ones in the wrong, it's basically a story about how easy it is for these people who probably seemed normal, especially the one that seems the most "good" on the surface, to commit truly horrible crimes, if you do it in stages. The last little bit of the book seriously creeped me out and I found myself dreaming about it this morning.

Another thing I recommend is [ profile] kayan's post on Agents of Desire in HP. It's long, but I totally enjoyed it. I especially liked the description of how Harry goes from a character constantly being plotted against to one who wants to write his own plot in OotP and HBP, and so messes himself up that way.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2007 12:06 pm)
So did article on Phoenix Rising here.

There were two bits in particular that made me think and want to response. On women in the Potterverse and authority in fanfic. )
I am not getting any e-mail and I don't know why. They just started coming, but anything from today before the last ten minutes seems to be gone.

I've been reading this book on the Shadow as in Jung (kind of a theme lately) and I'm reading about how the Shadow is all the things you repress in yourself, so you're enraged when you see them in other people. So somebody else could be a terrible person but wouldn't bother you as much because you're not repressing those kinds of things too much. What's horrible about it is I'm reading and knowing that my shadow…is post-GoF Ginny Weasley. )
I'm reposting this here on my own lj--was originally on a community but here's a record here for linking purposes.:-)

I forget why I had found these excerpts but a while ago for some reason I must have looked back at GoF to find the last time we saw Ginny and compared it to her first appearance in OotP. Anyway, I give you, The Two Faces of Ginny )


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