After YEARS of living in this apartment, tonight, for the first time, the dog noticed there are people in the building next door. It just blew her away. She barked for ten minutes: "Hey! Get outta town! There's a guy over there! You guys gotta see this!"

Now she's sitting up in front of the window watching it like a television. For some reason this is just the funniest thing I've ever seen. What's next? Will she notice the TV? Figure out what f-o-o-d spells?

Also, the rpg thing. )

I'm going to try to do a last post about N_A. But it's kind of hard. I'm not very good with emotion. )
I wrote a post yesterday, and then all these people I really care about fictional characters got dead and it didn't seem to matter anymore. Yes, I'm just that pathetic. [ profile] nocturne_alley ::sigh:: I keep trying to figure out exactly how I feel about each of the...unfortunate events. This is the kind of thing better done under a cut tag. )

p.s. If lj was a person I would want to slap its face for being so awful during this.
::sigh:: Is there no end to fictional constructs I can lose weight over? Wasn't it bad enough with TV, movies and books? Must RPGs ambush me as well? Wah. If you don't follow NA, you probably don't need to click. )

Had a breakthrough on the thing I'm working on with P this weekend--luckily before I came home and found out about the fictional murders. I can't think about any other universe than this one now.:-(
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( Aug. 20th, 2003 12:42 pm)
I think a lot of people are sort of taking time absorbing that big Q&A thread with ps & j_h. This is mine. It ends up being pretty long and veering off into things about me and not about [ profile] nocturne_alley, but I needed to spit it out somewhere. Naturally it's long. Honestly, why is it once I start typing I can't stop?

N_A/Nraged stuff. You've been warned! )
I'm sure a lot of people are writing things about [ profile] nocturne_alley today and this is my contribution. I'm not really going to talk about the situation, but sort of a side issue. Not surprisingly, in one of the many conversations I've been having about it, I've been accused of excusing horrible actions by looking for the mentality behind those actions and saying nobody is responsible for anything. This makes me laugh, knowing that I have the parents that I do. Let's just say that in my house we're responsible for everything that happens to us. No matter how often I hear that accusion, I still don't really get it. )


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