It's that time again when you're my favorite person, Yuletide author! I hope you'll have fun writing me a story!

My biggest rule of thumb for this letter is: if something I say inspires you, use it; if it stifles you, don't use it. I'm trying to hit the right balance between giving you freedom to have fun and giving some direction for inspiration.

I’ve liked some awfully diverse stories in my time so I don’t really have a tone you have to go for. I feel the canon really sets the tone for some of these fandoms. Depending on the characters I’ve liked gen, het and slash, not afraid of some angst either. Not really into non-con, but not offended by it if it works with the story!

The fandoms:

L.A. Confidential

This is definitely one where it seems like the movie itself sets the tone—I love listening to these guys talk to each other (even better than the book!). I like all the characters so anyone you write about I’ll like—Lynn, Stenz, Sid—I’ve always had a soft spot for Matt Reynolds as well. Yay!

East of Eden

I love the relationship between Cal and Aron, which has Adam and Cathy in the center at all times, in a way. I’d love any moments you wanted to create or flesh out that explore that relationship, using other characters too if you like. They're so close, but are also really different and don't understand each other, but love each other. During or after canon all interests me. You can even go slashy if you like, if that seems right to you. Yay!

Nero Wolfe

I've never read a fic in this fandom that I didn't like--it attracts seriously talented writers. Like many people, I'm probably most drawn to the Archie/Nero relationship and their voices. This is another canon where I love to listen to these guys talk to each other. (Even if Nero is saying Pfui.) I'd love to read your take on it. I'm up for slash or gen. If you are doing slash, I definitely imagine Archie and Nero being attracted to each other just the way they are. Yay!

House of Eliott
I requested Tilly as a character, but here again I really love everyone working at the sister's business (not to mention Aunt Lydia!). Tilly is maybe my favorite, though. I love the way she changes little by little over the seasons. I wonder what she imagined her life would be before she met Bea and Evie, and how she relates to it later when she's got a good job she's reasonably paid for and the best husband in the world. I love all the friendships between the women too. Madge, Agnes--awesome. If you have something you'd really like to explore, go for it! Yay!



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