I had stuck a couple of things up on Tumblr that can be a little grouped together here, plus there's a link to a good article, so
Here’s the thing the Starfire thing makes me think. Whenever any group of oppressed people finds a way to demand respect for themselves, TPTB *will* find a way to turn it around on them. Not necessarily as part of a big conspiracy, but to continue getting what they want. And it’s really easy for them to do that, because they have a lot of experience adjusting things to the way that suits them.

I refuse—seriously REFUSE—to have to choose between supporting women being in control of their sexuality and not being judged for it and not supporting Red Hood and the Outsiders. Because I think that’s bullshit. As this essay points out, it’s a trick to say that Kory (sorry—Kori) is the one wanting and asking for sex here and therefore it must be a positive thing for her as a female character.

Because Kori is so blatantly following a tried-and-true male fantasy script here that saying that, imo, would be like pretending I don’t get a joke that’s on me.

All the focus on her sex-positivity in defending the comic almost makes me forget that this thing isn't groundbreaking. Most if not all women in the DCU just as sex positive and have been for years, haven't they? Sure most of them might prefer to sleep with men who aren't going to brag about it like a 16 year old with gullible friends, they might prefer to have actual affection for the person, but it's not like Kori's living in a world of Disney princesses (no slam meant on Disney princesses there) who never casually fuck. Aren't there plenty of on-page examples of DC women owning their sexuality, having sex with friends they're not in love with, initiating sex? Without female fandom, at least, having a problem with it? Kory herself did that without it being a problem.

You can hate the comic without saying anything about sex-positivity, imo.

It's just frustratingly tricky the way they do it, how Kori superficially seems strong, but only because this familiar fantasy has to do with a strong woman. She not strong in any way that makes things difficult for the guys by having a personality or agenda of her own that conflicts with theirs.


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