Hello and thank you, Yuletide writer! You are guaranteed an enthusiastic audience for your story, I can tell you right now.

If something in this letter inspires you, use it. If it stifles you, ignore it. I don't have any "perfect" stories in my head, I'd really just love to read anything in these fandoms or along these lines. For general likes/dislikes I'm fine with darkfic, even horror, and feel free to write whatever rating you like. In general, I do like the tone and emotional content of all these canons so I like to see that in fic as much as possible, and I don't like futurefic. To give you an idea of what excites me about the fandoms, here you go.

Mad Men – Pete Campbell, Bud Campbell

These two are one of my absolutely favorite things in this show, especially in the context of their parents. Every time there was a scene with the two of them it was like another jewel in the crown, and I was so happy the way the show used it at the very end. So I'd love a story about the two of these brothers that explores their bizarre family or their relationship with each other. Bud as a character doesn't appear a lot, but every scene he has tends to bring out something in the strange dynamic of the Campbell family, the two brothers (salt and pepper!), Dot and Andrew. I once read a comment regarding the comments that said, "Oh, it turns out Pete grew up in a David Lynch movie" and I thought yeah, he kind of did. With a little Addams family thrown in. I just love how the Campbells almost dance right on the line between horror and comedy, sometimes stepping over it in either direction. "Remember Rope?"

Underground - Cato

This show is full of great characters, but nobody surprised me--more than once!--as much as Cato. At first he seemed like he would perhaps just be a fleshed-out, three-dimensional version of a certain villainous cliche, then he'd turn out to be something much more twisted with real anti-hero potential. (In some ways there's almost a weird parallel between him and August Pullman the way the two seem to embody the potential for great good and great evil.) I'd love to see a story showing a side to Cato we can't always see on the show, before or during the events of canon.

The Americans - Philip Jennings, Henry Jennings

After three seasons of knowing almost nothing about Philip's past life, Season 4 gave us...a tiny bit about Philip's life. After 3 seasons of Henry seeming completely unaware and uninterested in the family secret, season 4 gave us...a couple of scenes toward the end where Henry appeared to possibly show a tiny bit of interest. While the women in the Jennings family make a point of telling everyone who they are, the two guys are a lot more reticent. Still, the show seems to make a point of paralleling them, for instance, by having them take parallel actions, hinting at similar priorities, impulses and coping strategies, or by casting Young Philip with an actor who looked a lot like Henry. I'd love to see a story that did something with that fact, somehow. There's a stealthy, intense relationship going on there somewhere!



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